Monday 20 April 2009

a train journey Buchenwald /1938

where the train stopped
I don’t know if it was a counter or it was train station or what


everybody had to get out quickly
yknow raus raus and er and er and then had to pass this row of


guards and they just hit out
blindly at anything that moved so er and then er we we arrived in the


they made us sit
on the parade ground and uh they gave us a sort of fish soup to eat it was pretty horrible

but that uh that

was laced with a
strong purgative but we weren’t allowed to move from the parade ground so you can


what happened so
then er yknow eventually we were detained to our hut where we were supposed to live

after a fashion on

on wooden shelves
managed to get cleaned up a bit and er that was it they didn’t actually do
anything to us

I mean I remember the first night
the SS came in with dogs and the dogs went for anything that moved

and er yknow

if the dogs selected somebody
he was taken out and beaten up it wasn’t very pleasant

I mean

the first the first two or three nights
were really horrible then after that things settled down of course we

were all starving

but er they didn’t
do anything to us

after that some

some people
actually went onto the electric wire threw themselves on the electric wire


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