Friday 17 April 2009


; the touch of the collar of my mother’s dress
my favourite toy was my doll pushed
in my pram
on a little train to visit my grandfather; a fenced
garden with a cherry tree, a chestnut and chickens
I will never forget; what will I never forget?
I will never forget the day war broke; a spring-like day
it was momentous indeed
the children I played with in the garden;
first day at school; the school was very grand
make many .:.. ::.: . ..: . ;

my favourite toy; little celluloid doll; make dresses for
a childhood journey; remember and go back
I grew up with the nazis; you never forget that
I will never forget; it’s gone. It may come back
it’s the first thing that goes; names.
I lose words memory
some happy; this morning
I wanted to find the word orchid
the word came to me like a

things that happened but don’t ask me what;
my favourite childhood toy; I used to play with
a childhood journey; a jewish camp
it was exciting because we were never allowed out; the smells of
the forest were

I will never forget my grandfather, he was a farmer;
travel with his horse and trap along the countryside
a Jewish school for girls; I was
happy there, the festivals, friends ice-skating;
the smells of cooking
from the cafeteria
my favourite toy doll a Chanukah present
I was a modest child; I loved the toy
sleeping in her

childhood journey; a car, it was very
I will try never to forget
I remember the nazis; you never forget
my mother taking me to school; round the corner an avenue
it’s very difficult; so long ago
what do I sense?
my favourite toy;
a childhood journey;;;; the vibration of the carriage
I will never forget trips in memory
all the smells
seaweed / puddings
I remember a journey
with my parents
in the Winter;
it was very dark
we had difficulty to see our way

(in the snow)


; hypnotised

Margot Blake, Jane Hyman, Agneta Levi, Joan Behrens, Olga Sandler, Myra Ellis
18th October 2007

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