Friday 24 April 2009

Pills by the bucketful

day by day
the red plague
hope the next will be a little bit better
had so long
a great thing when you can jump out of
the body


fight against time
it will come nevertheless
can't move like I used to
must be something stopping me
cant do anything else
hope and pray for a cure
heat or cold
or drugs or whatever
tormenting irritation
can apply
pass the parcel of things

headline: mind can conquer body
make the most of what
little we’ve got
know we’re not going to improve
an acre of barren land
go on day by day
best to think about other things
yellow sand
and hope for
pills by the bucketful

no end
no end to it
yellow red curse
feel it burn and hurt
changes each time time's tempest
makes you depressed
have to block out
brick it out
burn down
the prison

5th Dec 2009

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