Wednesday 29 April 2009

Marlhill manifesto

in your mind, your thoughts. An
expression of what you see - stand observe
voices express paper
An outlet for a reflection of your
mind’s eye. A reflection of what you feel
It could It should It
should be enjoyment - enjoyment yes when
you can a purpose in what you do
It’s true reflection of what you see, reflection of what you
it should give pleasure, it should be a pleasure. A reflection,
a relaxation, complicated or automatic
voices express paper
There’s no right or wrong. Six
people would draw it different. We all see colours different,
we all see shapes representation
You are the you that’s seeing your version, your self
a child sees a house is a square
box, children Wildflowers
the countryside, the hedgerows, the berries
If you can’t see it now it is what you would like to see
You can touch what you picture in your mind as
What power we had has gone to remembering what was, a
reflection picture in your mind – art is what
I do
Touch everything

Drawing is a gift from memory
you can see or not

use what you’ve got and make use of it
colours and shape, the sound of
music produced by these colours. Expression the greatest
compliment, music produced by colours
Have you tried footprints in the sand? Footprints
compressing the grass?
Energy in the world

Marlhill Court, Sheltered Accommodation
Oct 2006

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