Friday 17 April 2009


and years ago
the main thing in Jewish households
was to put food on the table
Friday night
always had a special meal
to show a difference
with the Jewish it’s Friday Saturday
the main ones
humans we all live together
but keep tradition
so we don't lose identity
we've got to light the candles

special bread
two loaves plaited for Friday evening and Saturday
big buns the shape of a hat without a brim
orthodox Jewish
people doing their shop on a
Thursday all fresh
so the Sabbath comes in
early on a Friday
so we are always prepared
food placed in an oven

dozens of recipes
whatever fancy strikes
every holiday
one day when you don't eat
long day
Yom Kippur
started with the day ended night
Yom means day
in the evening a good meal
a symbol
the honey the apple
a sweet new year
the horn blown for the new year
get rid of your sins
fast and concentrate on your readings
the most feast is Purim they saved a synagogue from burning
fancy-dress happy occasion
in the war there was shortage

a big casserole
beans white beans
I always knew what was Jewish
there are so many things you can't do
matzo soup unleavened bread
flour and water sun-dried
a water biscuit
The Passover
with Evening Prayer describe the whole way the Jews escaped
from Egypt
two nights
at the side kuchen a sweet bread
Friday night we would make the effort

fish and chicken the mortar the bricks when they built the wall
a little bit with your bagel
salt water
I speak so many languages it doesn't come easily

herbs to remind of a different time
lean on the cushions this way and that way
white lilies white
candle lighting is very important in every way
I grew up knowing
I was Jewish

Agneta Levi, Gloria Ordman, Nita Hodari, Olga Sandler, Myra Ellis

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