Sunday 19 April 2009


like puddings
never been a maker
never very good
fresh fruit
custard, ice cream
melon refreshing
grapefruit and orange
all fruit
nothing I don’t like
heavy meals
got through all our courses
no room for pudding
rice pudding only after milk/meat meal
fresh fruit platter
make it look beautiful
centre of grapes, surrounded with banana
big meals
only wanted fresh fruit
whatever fruit I had
attractive platter
take all the inside out
dice it up, mix with cream
put back
only eat with milk/meat dish
flans easy
decorated with cream
so much younger, these things easy
with milk dishes
biscuits, finger biscuits, plain arrowroot biscuits
build up to pyramid
layer it that way
cream, melt chocolate
pour out
cut into slices
absolutely delicious
fruit flan
plain flan case
sponge mixture
fruit, jelly fruit and jelly
looked nice on table
good heavens when I think
saliva building up
know I shouldn’t afterwards
improvise a lot
something different
not things learnt from mother
she made stogy things
make a lot out of nothing
didn’t have money to throw around
stick them in chocolate
stand them on plates
one plate whipped cream, thick cream
one with with coconut
one with grated chocolate
marshmallow socked in cream
melt in your mouth
could just eat them now
melt in your mouth

Nita Holdari
8th February 2008

Photo © Lois Blackburn 2008

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