Thursday 16 April 2009

a Kingdom

my mind to me a Kingdom
has come to me in illness
in sickness
in my body
my mind
isn’t captivated
not shut in
here, but let’s face it
could be by the sea
walking on pebbles or moors in Yorkshire
surrounded by moors in happiness or anger
my mind is a Kingdom
although you’re in
the ward you
can take yourself out any time
some learn to live with poverty or riches
some with illness

if you suffer for very long
have to say: not going under

count your blessings one by one one by one by one

(a Kingdom: I like to think I’m by the prom
the noise of the pebbles
one by one by one)


you get an affliction
get very resentful
have to adapt to
those beech leaves just turning red
a body case
can’t case your mind
you adapt
see someone a lot worse
live with your limitations
when you’re in a lot of pain
teaches you something
teaches patience

Queenie Wall, Catherine Cannon, Irene Corringan, Mary Hulme
November 2008

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