Thursday 16 April 2009


fortnight this time
few times before
me head
very bad heads
suffered from migraines all my life
when the change came
I’m left with

take them as part of life
only you can do it
nobody else can help
take my mind of it
find something to take my mind
plenty of people worse of than me
would swap places
life’s ups and down
money doesn’t come into it
live your life to the full
say to myself people have the same problems
they get over it
have to do the same

pain I know its there
try and shut it away as much as I can
plenty worse
migraines for years
say to myself there’s another one
will go eventually

bad bump when I was a little girl
set them off
got to master it
up to you how you deal with it
walk around with a morbid face
that doesn’t help
people go around like it’s the
end of the world
that doesn’t help

when its coming on think
oh not again
nearly all my head
starts at the front goes around the back
severe pain
go on with it
not a lot you can do until it goes
dull headache
an hour
sometimes one eye goes
know one is coming
just deteriorates
then its gone
the Lord did hear me
let me have a good nights sleep

get mythered about things
get one
have to stop mythering
not to worry

pray to the Lord at night
please free me of this pain
more or less help me
grin and bare it till it went
really feel ill
no way out of it
ask Him to take me many times
but He said no you’ll get over it

determined to get there
nobodies going to stop me

Marjorie Rayner
October 2008

Photo Marjorie Rayner © Lois Blackburn 2009

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