Friday 24 April 2009


do you not believe in god well what do you
believe I believe in strong faith how do you
the earth was made if not by god apart it was a
secret god died on the cross having a strong faith
is one of the things that gives a long life definitely
most definitely with out him you are no good
its time you believed im
turning the table because theres only him to turn
to he died on the cross for us + was buried in 3
days + came to life again for re------------surrection
imagine an image
an image i dont know but why i do believe
you have troubles you go to him
what he looks like nobody knows you can tell god
hes the one with his hat on
from this day forward
your life will be better better i believe it are people

in gods image

some arent + some are find the devilsome to live a
good life to live up to what people need heaven + earth definitely you will go to heaven to live permanently so you better

heavens a wonderful place its allovertheworld
definitely most definitely i do i believe in the
resurrection we will meet the persons who have
gone before what else is there theres
nothing else
never think about hell just the other everyones
forgiven thats the order of the day (some criminals
go to hell go to hell) i don’t think heaven ages
people I suppose gods over it gods over it theres
nothing else
im happy quite

Nora Brumham
29 Sept 06

Photo © Lois Blackburn 2006

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