Saturday 18 April 2009


ought we pay less attention to the things that separate us
and pay more attention to the things we have in common

has any person any right to any part of the world

in a tribal society
- and all of us come from a tribal society -
do you think that aggression and dislike of the stranger was necessary
to survive

do you think this wholescale evil that nazism proved to be has

packed them up in cattletrucks
starved them poisoned them
and killed them in the most horrible way

I don’t think that happened before

people are substantially the same
and culture is only a local expression

rather cruel blonde men and rather substantial blonde women

history is always us
history is always what an historian puts into it

this was a feeling of utter destruction
you realise you have lost your home, your nation

it was worse than saying goodbye to my parents
gone forever not to come back

Group at Morris Feinmann Home
6 Nov 08

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