Thursday 16 March 2017


'Homeless not Helpless' Detail of book from Homeless Library collection

When you break the dream
You can never get back inside.
I dream of walking down the Vale
In the sound of birds

Going to the waterfall
Having a can.
Still have a drink but
It's not a problem now.

Can I say one thing
Don't judge me by my
Tattoos, now
I just like peace of mind

I'll walk the Vale later
Night-fishing inside
No one to hassle

Black sheep of the family
Sleeping in a park
You'd have crossed the road from
Me. Now you say hello.

In the
Morning throw a stone
At the window and let me

27 October 2015

The Wellspring

Poem from The Homeless Library, the first history of British homelessness. Told through poems, interviews, artworks and handmade books. 

A documentary film about the project can be found here.

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