Thursday 16 March 2017


The Darkness Comes, Danny Collins

On the street it's
Easy addiction
Gets you through the day
The night.

What makes you well is
Seeking help
What stops you is
Not knowing how to ask

Pride keeps you
From asking. Me
I rarely get ill
The outside life makes you immune.

I have been acquainted with the night
Sunday night went into a low
Went under, by a canal, under a bridge
Sat early hours watching the stars

It's looking up, isn't it?
Sometimes I think
When I can't get any lower
Only one way left - look up.

Someone asked "Don't you want
To get back to what you were?"
I said no. Said
That's what put me here.

Danny Collins
9 June 2015

Poem from The Homeless Library, the first history of British homelessness. Told through poems, interviews, artworks and handmade books. 

A documentary film about the project can be found here.

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