Tuesday 14 March 2017

Beautiful beast

Embroidered bird, Jack Quashie 2016, detail of the quilt 'Sing me to Sleep'.

I read the book through to the end
When I finish, something strange begins to happen
The Beast starts to change slowly into a
Tall, handsome strong-looking man.
The gardens become un-trapped in time
And they fill the forest with birdsong and flowers

They went down into the garden to vent it in tears:
"I have the highest gratitude, esteem and friendship...
I will not make him miserable."

Who is he though?
Who is to say the Beast is not beautiful
And Beauty not the Beast?

Andy Donovan

From the project Sing me to Sleep  with arthur+martha and VšĮ Socialiniai meno projektai. Working with homeless people in Vilnius, Lithuania and Manchester, England. Creating a embroidered quilt, poems, audio pieces and other artwork. Supported in the UK by Arts Council EnglandThe Booth Centre and The Wellspring. 

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