Wednesday 15 March 2017

Edward Ernest Hibbert

'General Factotum' detail of 'Fresh Air and Poverty' a quilt

General Factotum

Edward Ernest Hibbert

I think of him meeting my mother
Big bloke my father, six foot something
A tiler, he could shoe horses, mend shoes
General Factotum, he'd do anything

He'd herd the sheep village to village
I'd go with, act as the dog
We didn't have one, it'd need feeding
Had a bike though, sit up and beg.

Cellar work at the Sir William
Dad would do anything to pay a bill
Staggering round the pigsty
Feeding them swill

We'd stand in line, for our Emulsion dose
If you didn't swallow he'd hold your nose.

Mary Nicholson

From the arthur+martha project Stitching the Wars. A Two year collaboration with older people in Derbyshire, producing two embroidered quilts, a book, interviews and a series of poems. 
More poems found here. A short documentary film about the project found here.

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