Tuesday 14 March 2017

A Forest

I'm in the forest walking home, the sun is setting it's the middle of winter, it's very cold, icicles hanging from the trees, the grass under my feet crunching like breaking glass. I'm thinking I need to get home before it gets too dark, I can only hope there will be a full moon tonight to help light my way home . As I'm walking I come across a small bird standing in the frozen grass.

It had yellow feathers and bright orange beak - to my surprise it looked up at me and asked for help it's voice sounded so sad I had to stop. The little bird was hungry, there was no food to be found in the forest. I had a small packet of nuts, which I gave to the bird; it was so cold I wrapped the little bird in my scarf to keep warm, when I looked in the birds eyes I started to feel sleepy and drifted into a warm dream. After a while I woke and found myself in a giant world. Little bird was towering over me, I was only 5 1/2 inches tall. I was scared by what happened, the bird scooped me up and asked me where I would like to go...

Andy Donovan

From the project Sing me to Sleep  with arthur+martha and VšĮ Socialiniai meno projektai. Working with homeless people in Vilnius, Lithuania and Manchester, England. Creating a embroidered quilt, poems, audio pieces and other artwork. Supported in the UK by Arts Council EnglandThe Booth Centre and The Wellspring. 

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