Thursday 16 March 2017


A Bomber's Moon, quilt 

POW camp
Masson Mill near us
young Germans working the quarry
"Those boys were lovely boys"
when they

sold off as lamb, as swine
to be killed by the Slaughterman
salted and hung
nothing wasted on a pig
straight into the

in chicken sheds
looking for goodness
of fresh eggs
the freshest milk
drawn off a cow

after it's calved is
(you've probably never heard tell)
rich, dark, creamy
dawn, the milk float
churns chinking
you're lucky chum, you're alive.

Isobel, June, John, Doug
16 September 2014


From the arthur+martha project Stitching the Wars. A two year collaboration with older people in Derbyshire, producing two embroidered quilts, a book, interviews and a series of poems. 
More poems found here. A short documentary film about the project found here.

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