Wednesday 15 March 2017

And mains water

My pretty

You want a shower
My Pretty?
Go out in the rain.
Tin bath
If you're lucky
be first in.

Pretty cold
if you're the last
Pretty filthy
My pretty
You're sleeping
On straw

Chuck over a coat
Left from a war.
Oven shelf 
My pretty is
Your health

You know the cold
My pretty
When your potty
My pretty
Has frozen

Group poem
Farming Life Centre


Tom, Bill and Graham at the Farming Life Centre, Blackwell

From the arthur+martha project Stitching the Wars. A Two year collaboration with older people in Derbyshire, producing two embroidered quilts, a book, interviews and a series of poems. 
More poems found here. A short documentary film about the project found here.

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