Thursday 16 March 2017

Has my heart no rest

Detail of Fresh Air and Poverty, a quilt

Itinerant workers
Swallows in summer
Tramps walking between the wars
Mother was generous
& yet
Has my heart no rest?

Knocking on
One to another &;
Maggots add flavour
Mushrooming, breakfast found
Blackberries down the lane
O let my wish be crowned

Topping &; tailing
In a single bed, somebody's
Feet in your nose &
If one turns around
You all turn together.
No rest is to be found

Within my troubled breast.
Winter night, light up a storm
Workhouse to chapel, wave a lamp to
Warn them
In vain I look around
O Blessed love

Live off your wits &;
Beg a crust for lost souls
A cup of tea, or a curse if
They don't buy
Oh let my wish be crowned
Although I be unworthy.

Group poem

Nov 2015

From the arthur+martha project Stitching the Wars. A Two year collaboration with older people in Derbyshire, producing two embroidered quilts, a book, interviews and a series of poems. 
More poems found here. A short documentary film about the project found here.

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