Friday 24 November 2017

Safety in Numbers

safety in numbers link on link
link with friends hard and light
light from the chains and shields
shields protection and noisy
noisy shouts and clanging screams
screams of people pain and grief
grief of friends as fallen flow
flow of rivers of missing foe
foe that's banished to wide open spaces
spaces spaces it’s what we fought for
for spaces to share with friends
friends friends linked linked together hand
hands safe safe

Peter S

Armour is a project that uses words and stitches to explore the ways we protect ourselves. It is a collaboration with veterans of armed conflict and with people who have lived experience of homelessness. We asked people to describe their personal "armour", physical and mental. Artworks inspired by gambesons, the quilted jackets worn under suits of armour, were made out of rust dyed fabric and embroidered with poems, and other writings.

design work for the project Armour

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