Friday 24 November 2017

Old History

Old history     bullshitting
Keeps warm, keeps you safe balaclavas
Built to fit       jock straps
Slaves and wenches   football shin pads
Emblem          big cars big ego
Heavy and restricting boxing gloves
Gladiators      gangsters
Battle stories  bravado and lies

Stephen B

Armour is a project that uses words and stitches to explore the ways we protect ourselves. It is a collaboration with veterans of armed conflict and with people who have lived experience of homelessness. We asked people to describe their personal "armour", physical and mental. Artworks inspired by gambesons, the quilted jackets worn under suits of armour, were made out of rust dyed fabric and embroidered with poems, and other writings.

Armour artwork, exhibited at The Museum Conference, Manchester

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