Friday 24 November 2017



The street is open the men are divided
Bricks, stones, batons, all provided
I feel scared with all this drama
Need to find some mental armour

The theme for today is violence
Boundaries will be set
This will be a day
One will never forget.

Horses run and blue lights flash
As hordes of rioters begin to dash
Blood spilled on this street
One I remember was so neat.

Glassed ground, my frown
Upside down, all safe around
With my peers, riot sounds
Like music to my ears.

Terry Casey

Armour is a project that uses words and stitches to explore the ways we protect ourselves. It is a collaboration with veterans of armed conflict and with people who have lived experience of homelessness. We asked people to describe their personal "armour", physical and mental. Artworks inspired by gambesons, the quilted jackets worn under suits of armour, were made out of rust dyed fabric and embroidered with poems, and other writings.

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