Thursday 25 June 2009

To try

to try

if you can get home I’ll be ok
can’t do it yet
takes time
it’s hard
connection to outside
(I’m on my own back home)
try and take it easy
to try and do it yourself
my daughter she’s hurting
got to do it in your own time
do it
she’s trying but hurting; at times
it hurts but you have to do it yourself
got to try
don’t cry
cancer 17 years ago
keeps saying there’s something there
try to tell him - there’s nothing
she was crying
don’t cry
don’t cry

doesn’t hurt
there’s something there
but it doesn’t hurt
its there, it won’t go
but I’m better
breast cancer
they’re hurting
they’re all hurting
the mastectomy
I don’t let it hurt me
I’m not going to die
not yet
not yet
I’ll just fuzzle it up
It’s there even at night
don’t let it
hurt you
let it go
let it go
something there, but let it go
this breast fine
it’s only that one
don’t get upset
don’t get upset
it doesn’t help
doesn’t help

takes time but you get better
cry at night
but I don’t show it
don’t let them see it
don’t show it
keep it to me
I know it’s there

Mary Mitchell
June 2009

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