Friday 12 June 2009


spring starts its inspiration
we are locked up in hospital
we are cooped up canaries in submarines
people go potty in submarines
lack of green

we are Birdman of Alcatraz
we are four square walls
looking out over the bay
watching others’ enjoyment
(me, I’m keen on the birds)

trees ring a hospital, an industrial estate
we are dead loss
green is the motivator to go
stifled in a wheelchair
raise your sight, your expectation

wrap us all in cotton wool
like the brontes we must
break out of the parsonage

we are pyjamas all day
we are institutional
lack of freedom to choose, lack of freedom
to choose - when you’ve lost choice
you’ve lost.

Raymond West
11 June 2009

Photo of Raymond West copyright Lois Blackburn. for more photos please visit

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