Monday 1 June 2009

Of Note

of note

have you been back
where you used to go?
to the old part of town
a drawer full of

clothes, flat dancing shoes, fate
got so many wrinkles I can
screw my own knickers on
what I remember is

saw the Mayflower
coming in here on a Friday
I have memories of long washing lines
stretch from one place to

field: it’s good to be put on earth
money doesn’t come into it
learning to slow down: a hard lesson
working in kitchens of

I’ve not composed any music
nothing of note
what have you and I done
except the pas de

Phyllis Hollinshead, Harry and Beaty Wantling, Hilda Hewitt, Bob Mather

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"...there is ample evidence that many elderly people
regard themselves as happy and well, even in the presence
of disease or disability. Doctors should be aware
that many elderly people consider themselves to have
aged successfully, whereas classifications based on
traditional medical models do not..."

(From What is successful Ageing and who should define it? by Ann Bowling and Paul Dieppe, British Medical Journal 2006)


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