Monday 22 June 2009



a box of chocolates
a little boy running back
down the ward
to say goodbye to grandfather

(in here it’s)

waiting, all this waiting
captured, a refugee, loss of furniture, loss of house
you can’t make a bed a home
I don’t want to be unconscious
in their presence

(in here it’s nice)

hallucinations come with the pills
enjoy them, visitors are medicine
taking the mind to some other place
if you don’t have a dream
you’ll never have a dream come true

(in here, it’s nice a little)

uncertainty is my home
a lost person, a dispossessed person
you don’t feel the bed is yours
I’m interested in life
I’m having to change my life

(in here it’s nice, a little bit, but)

waiting to die it seems
spend the day getting the button right
getting the zip right
learning to

Raymond West and Mary Mitchell
11 June 2009

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