Sunday 3 May 2009

G a d a r e n e

where are all these wars coming?
manners pigs have none
they’ll snort at anything
feel sorry for a pig
pigchildren throw things at
pigdevils run into ditches and
the side of mountains
pigchildren never alter
born evil as ever
grow into men putting the world
through hell
still as long as we come through the
n e v e r m i n d

born with it toddlers’ll
shake their fist off
legs ready to kick
the nazi kids they loved
s q u a b b l e s
can’t annihilate one from t’other:
men from women come hateful
some people are good but it’s a
question of whether they’re let
we always get through always seem to
manage always to forget

but then you get your wars (where
are all these wars coming?)
crueller they are the
more they like it stand watching
cruelty ‘til the day they die
themselves in poor-ness
manners pigs have none
they have teeth and they’re
w i d e
come through the nevermind
into the small world
we’re the ones who have no
money make fights
in wars united
where are all these wars coming
we always seem to get on
to forget to overlook it to start new lives to
f o r g e t
t h a t ’s i t s e t t l e d


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