Saturday 23 May 2009


find it
very noisy all the time too
much for me

different atmospheres
this breathing world
different wards give and take
we rely on each other

there’s going to be needles

they’re kind but
haven’t a lot of time
if somebody gives a bit of hello
gets the day going on nicer

don’t like noise too much
during my stay there’s been a record on
day and night
can’t get it out of my head
hear it almost constantly
nobody else seems to be able to
hear it

only me
hear it almost constantly confuses
me it does confuse me
daytime and night-time
you take me home

there’s going to be needles

one thing leads to another with people
they’re all a little tale to tell
they’re lonely
time that’s the stumble-block
do a little chitchat in between
it brings things on a bit

Grace Smith/Mavis Skillington

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