Wednesday 27 May 2009

Everyone has the right to be remembered

you have
more freedom when
you are away

the nurses put a limit

the atmosphere every year in
Wales Rhyll Llandudno or the Algarve
the pleasure to stop and go
a wideopen space, a beachfront
the smell is held
contained by things that are a pleasure
to eat doughnuts are sweet
pleasure constantly

cant look after myself proper

constantly seabirds on the headland
suspect or suggest the memory of places
a tram or a train from base to top
do and say what you want
a change of scenery

you’ve got to have someone to help

two shakes of a lambs tail to get to Llandudno
to get away to get home
you look around and see dust
look back and think I was doing such a thing
donkeys years in holiday camps
in tents men on one side women the other
the bane of my wife’s desire
the cheese was very

hard pleasure of these idle days

conversation poem
cherry tree hospital 2009

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