Friday 1 May 2009


(I’m not depressed but)

I was am
that made a difference
cos I’m reliant
I have good glasses
hearing aid
ation was the worst thing
that’s happened
I’ve got no dates

to rely on
in somewhere like this

the way of life
don’t get as many visitors
the way of
adjust slowly
am puttee
(they’re very good to you here
I’m not stopping)
lived alone since
father died
long time ago can’t
think when
it’s terrible don’t think
I’ve got it written
I’ve not written when people

I’ve no dates
just addresses

– even got phone numbers –
that don’t mean any
thing to me

(I can’t even remember why you’re here)

the worst was

it slows up gradually
a cold fish cold

I’ll have to ask
never thought to make a note
gosh I can’t remember
(when did the war finish?)

I think my mother died
and I don’t think I’ve got a diary with
those dates
started and
retired gosh
– wait
I’ll get my diary
I’ve not got any dates at all
none that matter.

(I can't even remember why you're here)


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