Friday 18 December 2009

That greeny flower

The Garden, that Greeny flower

with roses
a life filled
with flowers.
Lilac fuchsia So that
I was cheered
Snowdrop bluebells
Not the weeding
Not the Daffodils
a memory of those flowers

I’m filled with love
and passion
colours it

while our eyes fill
with tears
So near to people to
Love and greet as friends

I’ve met so many near friends
love, abiding love,
it will be telling
True loyal friends

a memory of those flowers.
Loyalty to send me cards
Get well greetings

A looping flower wisteria
that there were flowers also
True friendships
A pastel shade of blue
Only give me time,
I don’t know what to say
Wisterias they cover
the patio door

Go along
Give me time
Each day
I cannot say

Time to recall them
I cannot help but think back
a memory of playing golf in the afternoon

I have seen it
and so have you
I’m filled with the feeling
being upside down

and retained
a number of various
something of their sweetness
I can remember it all
Silence can be complex
But you do not get far
walking down
with silence.

saying it that’s a different thing
and the will becomes again


Joyce, Muriel, Tom and Victor (in response to WCW's Asphodel, That Greeny Flower)

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