Monday 4 January 2010

Auntie Ida

was kindness itself
well if you were looking at Auntie
you were looking at me

and looking at me you’re looking at her

just like her
she’d take what I’d say
the only one who could give me a hug
and get away with it

vivid in my mind
If we were both having a good day
nobody could say anything to us
nobody could touch us on them days

if we were having a bad day then it was

I’ve had big journeys all my life
stepped off bridges wider than the widest road

the day you feel it coming all that has been the truth:
thoughts of Auntie Ida so vivid
could say that Ida just walked past the window

someone with a coat like Auntie Ida
I’d insist it was
the two of us stood waiting
for Ida to come through
her face
is it like mine?
anxious to see her
a lovely little daisy
if I could express it

Auntie Ida’s just come in
you haven’t got to be frightened of her
a miserable Wednesday
I couldn’t describe her on Wednesday
she’d be so down in the world

Wednesday was one of her bad days
if I could throw Wednesday away
I always think something happened that day
a deep loving August day
she’d change into somebody

but for every bad Wednesday
keep it love
Because you’ll be wondering if tomorrow
she'll be flying through the window
like Peter Pan

Ida Regan
Ward A10
4th December 2009

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