Friday 18 September 2009


a huge mountain between my
heart and tongue
not important
brought here and left
a mountain
if I could pray
prayers would move me
been in
(not quite sure, a long time in the firmament)
fed up with constancy
don’t get attention
manage alright at home
it’s not doing me good
and it should
shouldn’t it?
some people like being bossed
I have
a man’s will/a woman’s might
be careful not
to annoy
to get fed up
fixed and resting
submitting to the saintly routine
Fellows in the Firmament!
it is up to you to get right
down to you, getting better
certainly is
to be helpful with those helping you
determination will make a difference
to be very patient
is a difficult art
you’re not born such
you get old
as the northern star.

11 September 2009

This poem is part of the Patience project, for more information please visit

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