Thursday 20 October 2016

The Blitz, The Ritz, the 123

Making Memories, Gallery Oldham

Waltz Steps, Jennifer 2013 Making Memories


it went 1, 2, 3
did you go dancing to the radio?
the Home guard Club at Failsworth
all kinds
modern sequence barn dancing
the slosh
do doo doo
123 its a lovely feeling
the sloshing about with a gentleman
me boyfriend then
(never danced all me life
I have 2 left feet)
the quickstep 
line dancing
(no, I've never danced
the square tango)
we've been dancing all day
Winny and Albert
the waltz, the jitterbug
the 1 2 3
I tell you in Scarborough they couldn't dance
I say God bless ya Oldham
afternoon dancing
(Dancing? Far too busy!)
Dancing – how many nights did we go out?
4 nights a week
played the organ
(more of a wallflower me)
always gone in for dancing with Albert
dancing at weddings
The Ritz, the Blitz
The Plaza, there and there and there
The Theatre Royal, they mocked it up
in lights Winny and Albert
two people making a fantastic kiss
with the
BBC right on the doorstep absolutely
123 for a waltz
in the war years
love songs for soldiers away
I tell you where dancing took place: the Isle of Man
Reginald Dixon playing the organ 123
a long dress for the waltz
short for the jitterbug
I tell you where they did dance: Heaton Park, my gosh
Blackpool in the Tower at weekend
I wish them days would come back
the sailor's hornpipe
Oldham afternoons at the City Hall
was that the 1234?
Count the numbers and set off

John, Winny, Dorothy, Edward, Hilda, Flo
19 Sept 2013
Limecroft Care Home, Oldham

Tango, Barbara, 2014 Making Memories

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