Thursday 20 October 2016



my grandfather: four wives
it was OK in those days, in our past it was allowed
he was head of the town.
Kids, we all had favourite grandmas
I’d sleep in
grandmother’s bed.

Grew up, didn't have to work hard
got married, had to leave India
but she passed away before I left.
She had a wooden swing with mirrors
- lovely work -
I had it painted, sentimental.

Three people can sit on it
hooks so you can hang it down.
On the floor we've got it
and cushions.
When I sit there
I remember: my grandma, my favourite.

Here I thought everything would be
electronic and
and my swing would swing automatic
electric wind!
But when I arrived –
a two-up-two-down with nothing.

Indian Association, Oldham

10 Oct 2013

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