Thursday 20 August 2009

My eyes they view the afternoon (part 1)

went down and that was it
going to make my Aunt a cup of tea
a cup of tea and went down to the floor
woke in hospital
try to get up
image shouts
where am I going?
different than a normal fall
try to get up , couldn’t shout or anything
don’t remember the brain scan
I woke through heavy sleep
in hospital my rest defeat
cry with aggravation
particularly in the early stages
can’t even get to your own wardrobe
have to ask for everything
shadow’s form to ask
everything against your nature
against your nature
always wanted to do things myself
accepted it more than to begin with
in terrible pain, chronic pain/relief
my eyes they view the afternoon
but when I sleep
get back to my Aunt
I care for and love
only the two of us
a normal quiet life, the living day.
Lynn Holt
1st July 2009

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