Thursday 6 August 2009

Come back come back come back

a simple question

put it this way
once you’re in these places
they expect you to stay
til you’re better

my own children took to walking straightway

my wife in hospital expecting a child
I walked there four times that day
morning, afternoon, evening
must’ve done 40 miles

now you can’t say I’ve been a lazy person so
far as walking is concerned

put it this way
what changes is you
are seeing four walls day in

came here with expectations
put in here, I plunged
to where I am

a simple question, a simple answer
me, wheelchair

lets put it again this way
opportunity is a fine thing

a fine thing is opportunity
a pint and a half of beer a day
my doctor recommended

recommended a little village green
fields, the pub, a walk
dig the allotment
active all my life’s apprenticeship

(walking in the wood at night
by the river way
it’d make a noise like:
come back come back come back
on the side
oh god aye
comes to life that does)

put in here and I’m idle, a passed buck

explain that to me straight
a straight punch
tell the doctors
they will be treated in their late life
like this.

Thomas Weston
31 July 2009

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