Thursday 2 October 2014


Making Memories, Gallery Oldham

Snakes and ladders game, from Oldham Galleries Handling Collection.


O Saturday afternoon, Oldham Edge
truth, dare, force
kiss such a body
marbles and all sorts
kiss a girl called Edith
Oldham Edge, backside of gasworks
a spine of hills, trees, grassed top

cross from Higginshaw-O
sledging down our street
the neighbours shout – ‘clear off!’
take it to the blacksmith
irons for the sledge
knock it and screw it and bend the conduit

O Lees Brook
put wooden boats at top
run all the way, following them down
made me own submarine
with a bit of lead and wood
twist, pontoon,
truth, dare, force

O snakes and ladders
a doll’s house with furniture
Saturday afternoon to Newhey,
catch the bus from Spotland Lane
a drink of Oxo and play
whist or cards with granddad
cribbage, draughts

jumping over
you huff em
huffing, crowning
either way
a few years ago
when I was a young boy
Saturday afternoon, Oxo.

Group Poem
Springboard Group, Oldham

For more information about the Making Memories Project please visit arthur-and-martha.blogspot

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