Thursday 3 July 2014

post pluvium

Making Memories, Gallery Oldham
Photo © Lois Blackburn, objects from Gallery Oldham, Handling Collection

Smell is a memory-prompt. The smells of coffee, or a roast dinner, or eau de cologne carry with them a huge freight of memories and meanings for different people. We brought rose water, perfume, vanilla, bread, coffee, oranges and lemons to the workshop. In response, here's Sydney, talking about the delicious smell of the world after a rainstorm. Sydney was a scholar of both Latin and Greek - the phrase post pluvium is his translation of 'after the rain':

post pluvium

after the rain-storm
a row of night-scented
and virginia stock
after it rained a strong scent
of the old roses
rosa canina
rosa, rhodon
bourbon roses floribunda
after the rain
post pluvium


May 2013

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