Thursday 11 February 2010


I don’t search for pain the grey coarse scientific term dark grey someone else’s pain tufts caught on barbed fences teasing out I wrap myself when I’m cold when it rains the intensity I don’t go searching for pain but as they say its part of life’s richness a fleece that wraps me chemical relief the easement these days the first thing is pills Id rather have a couple of whiskies and a blanket

warmth is part of the healing the most important part the first thing I do is give a hug and a kiss its comfort it has the right texture right feel a woollen blanket in marvellous bed can’t be improved upon I don’t search for pain a cup of tea and a dance what is better than that (a ginormous umbrella) a laugh so don’t worry I never do that’s the vocation

E Wooley and “Wilf”

This poem is part of the Patience project, for more information please visit

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